Making GREAT Makerspaces: The 7 Attributes of a GREAT Makerspace

My work with schools across the Nation on planning and creating makerspaces has proven to me that while anyone can create a makerspace, there are distinct differences between makerspaces and GREAT makerspaces.  GREAT makerspaces are unique to your school community, vibrant for now, and sustainable into the future.

Recently on Instagram, I had a series of 7 posts in which I highlighted what I feel are the 7 attributes of a GREAT makerspace.  These attributes are meant to serve as a guide for school districts and educators as they plan makerspaces for their school communities. They are as follows:






















































Whether you already have a makerspace or are just starting out, ensure that your makerspace is GREAT! Be sure to check out my NEW book, The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces, for more!