Developing a Culture of Making

I am proud to announce another new course for the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, an online school which provides anytime, anywhere, affordable, self-paced makerspaces professional learning opportunities for teachers.  No subsitute teachers needed for you to attend PD!

Our NEW course Developing a Culture of Making: Creating Conditions for Success, was authored by Instructional Coach, Rebecca Levine.  To celebrate the launch of this course, we are offering it for only $99.00! PLEASE USE THE COUPON CODE:  LIFTOFF  (Please note, this special launch price is only valid until 12/31/2016).

Just as with any other course in the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, once you purchase the course, it is yours forever, to complete at your own pace.  All course authors are available to support you through the process.  

See below for a full description of our NEW course.

Developing a Culture of Making:  Creating Conditions for Success

A makerspace will only be successful if a culture of making is developed within a school building. Culture is crucial to the atmosphere of a building because it ignites curiosity and creates a united vision among the staff. How is that achievable? Where does someone even begin this process? Within this course, participants will be presented with several essential questions that serve as a guide toward creating a Maker Culture within a school building. Throughout the duration of the course, participants will work through self-paced segments to explore essential questions that will result in a detailed plan of action for the targeted building. While moving through the learning segments, those involved in this professional development will complete a template outlining their action plan to provide a focused approach to building a culture of makers. As participants encounter each segment and the essential questions within those segments, they will be provided with considerations and examples to guide their learning.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Choose, select, and collaborate with an effective makerspace team
  • Select the resources necessary to deepen understanding of makerspace theory
  • Network with other surrounding makerspaces
  • Explore grant opportunities to fund a makerspace
  • Create a professional development plan for staff members
  • Introduce and engage students to makerspace activities

Who should enroll?

  • PK-12 classroom teachers
  • School library media specialists/librarians
  • STEM educators
  • Tech integration teachers
  • Educational technology teachers
  • School leaders
  • All educational stakeholders
  • Those who don't have a makerspace, but want one
  • Those who do have makerspace, but are looking to improve theirs

What you get

  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, SELF-PACED PD- you purchase the course and it is yours forever to complete when you are able to
  • A template that outlines an action plan to build a culture of makers within your building
  • Over 1 hour of multimedia content
  • Printable resources to use to help guide you through the process of developing a culture of making
  • The opportunity to earn an official Worlds of Making, Developing a Culture of Making microcredential

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