Transliterate Making

I am proud to announce another new course for the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, an online school which provides anytime, anywhere, affordable, self-paced makerspace professional learning opportunities for teachers. 

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the next course, Transliterate Making. To celebrate the launch of this course, we are offering it for 50% off the regular course price.  (Please note, this special launch price is only valid until 10/18/2016).

Just as with any other course in the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, once you purchase the course, it is yours forever, to complete at your own pace.  All course authors are available to support you through the process.  

See below for a full description of our NEW course.

Transliterate Making: Reading, Writing, and Making Across Multiple Media Platforms

Makerspaces enable opportunities for students to create, imagine, and build…..what better springboard for that than stories? Stories fuel and ignite the imagination.

Many people associate makerspaces with only STEM-related activities, but literacy and making can go hand in hand. An understanding of transliteracies is key to meeting the needs of our 21st century learners and can enhance any makerspace. 

My own entry point into the Maker Movement, was through literacy. In this course, inject some STEAM into your makerspace and explore how reading and writing across multiple platforms can help making and creating more engaging and meaningful to learners. Glean insight and practical tips on using literacy and storytelling to derive meaning from various types of making.

By the end of this course, you will:

* Increase digital literacy skills through writing & sharing stories across diverse media in your makerspace

* Discover how the Maker Movement and literacy intersect

* Make effective use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in your makerspace

* Meet standards AND transforming your makerspace for 21st century learning

* Have FUN consuming digital content, but more importantly, creating digital content in your makerspace

* Gain exposure to various literacy-based makerspace tools, activities and resources

* Learn ways to inject literacy into your makerspace

* Understand how to enhance maker activities with literacy skills

* Merge storytelling and multiple literacies with the current crop of digital and networking technologies in your makerspace

Who should take this course?

All educational stakeholders who have a hand in making! Classroom teachers, librarians, or those interested in facilitating maker activities will benefit from enrolling. Participants will walk away with tools to fuel their makerspace planning and programming.

What you get:

  • Instructor-led online course which includes personalized support through the duration of your course
  • Special message for you from award-winning author, Patrick Carman
  • Articles, videos and other multimedia resources
  • A message for course participants straight from Mozilla Learning
  • Free downloads and planning sheets for both teachers and students, which includes a Multimedia Storytelling Challenge
  • The opportunity to earn an official 'Worlds of Making' microcredential, upon course completion

Enroll here!

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