Spaces That Work

Several weeks ago, I announced the creation of the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, an online school which provides anytime, anywhere, affordable, self-paced makerspace professional learning opportunities for teachers.  Shortly after, I launched the first course for the Academy, Creating Spaces for Students to Make.  

I am thrilled to announce the launch of the next course, Spaces that Work: Designing and Redesigning Unique Learning Spaces in Your School Community, brought to you by course author Pat La Morte and sponsored by Steelcase.  To celebrate the launch of this course, we are offering it for 50% off of what will be the regular course price.  (Please note, this special launch price is only valid until 10/10/2016).  Just as with any other course in the Worlds of Making Digital Academy, once you purchase the course, it is yours forever, to complete at your own pace.  All course authors are available to support you through the process.  

See below for a full description of our NEW course.

Spaces That Work: Designing and Redesigning Unique Learning Spaces in Your School Community

Why change your learning spaces? The better question is- Why are you waiting?

This course looks at the reason for change, the evaluation of current space, purpose, and function, and gives take-aways on what is needed to change a space. As a part of the course, you will also receive checklists for designing a unique learning environment and what is needed to start the building a timeline and action plan for your school.

Space redesign, active learning, and learning spaces, such as makerspaces, have revolutionized education. All educational stakeholders need to find ways to leverage these things. In this course, I share with you everything I have learned about planning and creating unique learning environments that encompass classrooms as well as other large spaces throughout school communities.  I will share with you tips and secrets for doing this with little to no money and provide you with examples from across the Nation.

Whether you are new to the classroom, a seasoned teacher, or a school leader, there is something in this course for everyone.

You Will Learn How to:

  • Plan, create, launch or redesign a unique learning environment in your school, library or classroom
  • Support your classroom/active learning space/makerspace on any budget
  • Effectively manage and facilitate your space allowing for fluid movement.
  • Create a unique learning environment that will unleash student creativity

Who should enroll?

  • PK-12 classroom teachers
  • School library media specialists/librarians
  • STEM educators
  • Tech integration teachers
  • Educational technology teachers
  • School leaders
  • All educational stakeholders
  • Those who don't have a makerspace, but want one
  • Those who do have makerspace, but are looking to improve theirs

What you get

  • Discover how education has changed, and why space design is important
  • A step-by-step breakdown of how to plan, create and open any creative space.
  • Over 1 hour of multimedia content
  • Printable resources to use to help guide you through the process of planning and creating your space
  • Help and support all throughout your journey through this course
  • The opportunity to earn an official Worlds of Making, 'Spaces That Work' microcredential, upon course completion
  • A bonus module that includes generic layout designs for inspiration
  • FREE bonus material from internal course sponsor, Steelcase

Enroll here!

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