‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy

Since the publication of my makerspace book, not only have I experienced the excitement of it becoming a best-seller, but I have also have the honor and privilege to work with schools all across the Nation on creating makerspaces.  Some of my work has been face to face, but much of it has been virtual.  In addition, most of my work has focused on district-wide makerspace PD sessions.  Many educators have expressed the need for an individual makerspace PD option. I am so excited to announce that I have expanded my makerspace PD sessions to include both a district AND individual option.  

I am proud to announce the launch of the 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy.  The courses that will be available in my school are perfect for all makerspace stakeholders and are guaranteed to ensure that you uncover makerspaces that are relevant and meaningful to your school communities. The 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy will provide affordable, online, self-paced PD, allowing for anytime, anywhere professional learning!  You purchase a course and it is yours forever!  You complete the course when you can and when you want to and you take it all at your own pace!  Course authors are always available to support you along the way! Upon completion of each course, educators will have the opportunity to earn an official 'Worlds of Making' microcredential, which will allow them to celebrate and showcase their learning! I owe a debt of gratitude to Ross Cooper for his influence and for helping me kickstart this idea.

I am proud to say that the 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy is sponsored by some amazing companies, including HueHD, Nepris and Demco.  More here, if your company is interested in becoming a sponsor.  

I also have set up a 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy Affiliate program.  Become an affiliate and earn a commission off each course referral!

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* Updates*  

My first course just launched!  More here.  Many more to launch soon, providing a full course catalog for all educators interested in the Maker Movement.

To learn more about teaching a course for the Academy, click here.