EDU Maker Manifesto

People often ask me about the books that have influenced my professional practice. Many of those resources are cited in my own book. One that I would like to highlight is The Maker Movement Manifesto, written by former CEO and Co-founder of TechShopMark Hatch.  I was lucky enough to have Mark as a guest on my Bam Radio Network show.  In that show, Mark breaks down his manifesto for us, along with the mindset of a maker and the future of making worldwide.

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In this book, Mark suggested readers take his manifesto, make changes to it, to make it their own.  That is the point of making, he says. His complete manifesto can be found here.  

I have set out, along with the help of my PLN, to create our own educational version of Mark's manifesto, that we hope others can add to and ultimately learn and grow from.  

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EDU Maker Manifesto (1)I invite all who are reading this, to contribute.  After reading Mark's Maker Movement Manifesto, I welcome you to add your thoughts, comments and ideas to this ever-evolving Google doc. The first contributions were made from the Tabernacle, New Jersey school district on 2/12/16, but this document has circulated on social media and has grown from there. 

The purpose of this Educational Maker Manifesto is to outline the aims, intentions, importance and impact of making in the educational sphere. By collaborating in this matter, we will collectively continue to push the Maker Movement in education further.  Please share this document with your PLNs and encourage them to contribute, all for the benefit of our learners.