As an educator, one of my goals has always been to create learning experiences that empower and equip students with necessary skills to effectively produce and consume content across multiple media platforms. As we know, digital technologies have already begun to impact student writing in many ways.   Something I have always strived to do is to create opportunities for my students to ‘play with story’ by playing with forms, content, and media.  This often has meant using technology to remix, mashup, and tell their stories.  

Writing instruction must accommodate the explosion in technology from the world around us.
National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE)

This does not mean with just word processing pieces of writing.  This means authentically integrating technology into the process of writing both.  At the high school level in particular, I so often see students who are passionate writers and oftentimes write as a way of expressing themselves.  These writers are always looking for ways to share and improve their writing.   I am so thrilled to say that I recently discovered a new resource, WritingFloor.com, that serves just this purpose.  

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With WritingFloor, writers can share their work with a community of writers who provide feedback. WritingFloor is already being utilized by writers around the globe, from Hawaii to New York, Romania, Nigeria, and Canada, allowing its users to share their writing with the world!  Using this platform, writers can post writing, ask questions and receive feedback from other writers.

Do you know a writer who is looking for a new way to share and improve their writing?  If so, tell them to check out this great resource!

WritingFloor can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.