From Brand to Book

Opinions vary on the power of branding within education.  For myself personally, branding has been a powerful piece of my story.  Upon getting hired by Eric Sheninger last Fall to be the Library Media Specialist of New Milford High School, I knew what was expected of me and wanted to rise to the occasion.  Part of what I did immediately was to develop a plan for yes, telling my story, but also for helping it to unfold.   I very meticulously crafted a plan and thought of a name for my new blog that allowed room for growth and flourishing.  I was right to plan for this, because upon launching this Worlds of Learning blog, I also was able to launch my digital badge platform, Worlds of Learning @ NMHS.  My plan for this platform was for people to use my files to replicate my site to help them develop their own Worlds of Learning digital badging initiatives.  Once such school who has done that is Worlds of Learning @ Harrisburg South Middle School, created by Travis Lape. From there, I was able to extend my brand into the development of our makerspace, Worlds of Making @ NMHS.  

In the words of Tony Sinanis and Joe Sanfelippo in their new fabulous book, The Power of Branding, it is imperative that brand promise matches the brand experience.  I am proud to say that it is that brand experience that I was able to create for my students in our makerspace that led me to writing a book that is a part of the same Connected Educator's Series, published by Corwin, as The Power of Branding.  My book is titled Worlds of Making:  Best Practices for Establishing a Makerspace for Your School, and it now available for presale.    


With a preface written by Peter DeWitt, the contents include:

1. The Maker Movement  
2. Planning Your Makerspace  
3. Setting Up Your Makerspace  
4. Creating a Maker Culture in Your School  
5. Makerspaces and the Standards  
6. The "Expert" Maker  
7. Makerspaces and the School Library  
8. Makerspaces as a Unique Learning Environment  
9. Showcasing Student Creations  
10. Makerspaces as Catalysts for Future Change  
11. School Leaders

One of the most exciting movements in education today is the creation of makerspaces. With contributions from Shannon Miller, Andy Plemmons and Diana Rendina, this book will help readers learn how to create a vibrant,
robust makerspace for their school community that can serve as a hub for students to unleash their creativity.  

Since publishing my book, I have also launched a radio show on the Bam Radio Network called, WMKR, Movers & Makers.  Each episode is about a chapter of my book, and our special guests help expand upon the thoughts that were written in the book.  

Please follow our ever-unfolding makerspace story at #worldsofmaking.

It is incredibly rewarding to be on this journey and to have experienced the power of branding first-hand.  I have my students and their amazing accomplishments to thank for that.