A Primer on Interactive Books


Back in 2010, as I was trying to navigate the seas of literature in the 21st century, I experimented with my own teaching and sought out as many examples of 'interactive literature' I could find.  Students responded so well to these next-generation reading experiences, that I wrote a piece for Edutopia titled Tiers Of Interactive Literature in which I share some of my findings.  In this post, I organized these types of stories into tiers in which I hoped would prove useful to educators.   Tier One books are those that are fully interactive through the use of techonology.  Tier Two books are Partially Interactive, Tier Three Books have no built-in technology component, and at the time I touched upon a new emerging Tier, Mobile.  I also did an accomanying interview for EducationNews.org in which I expand a bit further on the topic.  As I stated in the interview, beginning in grade 2, the Core Common Language Arts Standards here in the United States begin to address digital literacy.  Educators cannot afford to look the other way.  My hope is that if teachers and librarians have more of an understanding of 21st century literature, they will infuse it into their instruction.