Author a Course For the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy!

We live in a time where content is ubiquitous and learning can take place anytime and anywhere. As a result, I launched the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy. This Academy offers anytime, anywhere, self-paced makerspace professional learning opportunities for educators. Educators purchase a course and it is theirs forever!  Educators complete the course when they can and when they want to and take it all at their own pace!  In addition, course authors are always available to support course participants along the way.  

The 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy strives to provide high-quality, self-paced professional learning opportunities for all educators. Not only have I authors some courses, but I have brought other voices into the Academy. As a result, I have several well-respected members of my PLN who have authored courses of their own for the Academy. Course authors input their multimedia content into the website for their course and then once the course is live, earn a commission from each course of theirs that is sold.

Interested in sharing your knowledge and authoring a course for the Academy? If so, I am inviting you to submit a course proposal.  

Act now, because the window to submit course proposals is open for one week only and closes on August 15, 2017!  

If your proposal is accepted, I will contact you no later than August 20, 2017. Selected courses will be those that fit into the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy philosophy. You are welcome to submit as many courses as you would like. 

To propose a course, you will need to complete the course proposal form.  Prior to completing this form, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Academy by reading about the current course offerings.  In your proposal, please provide sufficient information and substantive responses to all questions. 

I look forward to your proposals! 

**If you aren't interested in submitting a course proposal, become a ‘Worlds of Making’ Affiliate and start earning today!