Teach a Course For the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy!

As you might know, I recently launched the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy. This Academy offers anytime, anywhere, self-paced makerspace professional learning opportunities for educators. You purchase a course and it is yours forever!  You complete the course when you can and when you want to and you take it all at your own pace!  Course authors are always available to support you along the way! 

I  recently launched the first course, Creating Spaces for Students to Make. I will be launching many additional courses over the next several months, as well, providing a full, course catalog for educators.  

The 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy strives to provide high-quality, self-paced professional learning opportunities for all educators. I believe that it is important to bring other voices into the Academy, in order to be able to offer to those enrolled, other perspectives and a well-rounded experience.  I am inviting all of you to be a part of the 'Worlds of Making' Digital Academy community, not only as students, but also as course authors.  As a course author, you will be able to create your own course to be offered in the Academy.  You load your content and once your course is live in the Academy, it essentially runs itself and you earn a commission from each course of yours that is sold.

Those with makerspace knowledge and interest are encouraged to submit a course proposal.  To propose a course, you will need to complete the course proposal form.  Prior to completing this form, I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the Academy by reading the blog posts and course outline linked above.  Please provide me with sufficient information to review your course proposal and substantive responses to all questions. Should your course be approved, the information you provide in the Course Description section will also serve as the basis for the published course description – though you will have opportunities to adjust and refine your proposal on the basis of further conversations with me.

I will review all submissions and be in contact with you if your course has been selected.  Selected courses will be those that fit into the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy philosophy. You are welcome to submit as many courses as you would like. 

If your course is chosen for the ‘Worlds of Making’ Digital Academy, as a course author, you will earn a commission for each of your course sales. More details on that, if your course is selected.

I look forward to your proposals! 

**If you aren't interested in submitting a course proposal, there are other ways to get involved!  Become a ‘Worlds of Making’ Affiliate and start earning today, or become a ‘Worlds of Making’ Sponsor.**