I Don’t Have a Makerspace

Yes, you read that right! I don't have a makerspace.  

It all started last June, as my library began to undergo some renovations.  In order to get the job done, the room had to be cleared, and that included my makerspace. 

My philosophy of school libraries has always been rooted in that of creating and fostering a participatory culture.  In order to further do that in my library, as a part of our renovations, we built a stage!  The plan for this stage is that we will use it for poetry slams, guest speakers, open mic events & more!

Over the summer, my library received new flooring and a paint job.  

This is the finished stage.

Because the room is essentially a large rectangle, different types of flooring were used to create sections.  This is where our makerspace will be.  The floor here was chosen because it is durable and dark in color.

Even our walls will be participatory!  In this space, we will be transforming the cinder block wall into a 20 ft. interactive screen.

As a result of our renovations, I will be building my makerspace from the ground up, once again!  I am excited to have the opportunity to create another amazing space for our school community.


Be sure to follow our progress here on my blog, and on my Vine Channel as well.

Many think that creating a makerspace is about securing a space and putting stuff in it.  There is so much more to it than that.  For more on planning and creating a space that is unique to the wants and needs of your school community, be sure to check out my NEW course here!  Enroll by 9/16 to take advantage of the special launch price!

Create your makerspace right along with me, this school year!

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