Teach Kids STEAM with Hands-On Coding Blocks

In January of 2016, President Obama announced his bold "Computer Science for All" initiative.  This plan calls for all students across the country to learn computer science. Myself, Marcos Navas and Joann Presby recently launched an Indiegogo Campaign that supports this initiative.  Our campaign is two-fold; to provide Hands-On Coding Block manipulatives along with a Book Series that bridges the gap between Computer Science and Literacy. The goal of our Coding Blocks is to help Computer Science become pervasive in the lives of all children.  

Storytelling gives STEM concepts context and is a great way to excite learners about Computer Science.  We are excited to introduce you to Cody Blox!  Cody Blox is a walking, talking coding block that takes children through adventures that only the power of Computer Coding can solve.  Children will use their understanding of story, along with our Coding Blocks, to code their way through challenges and activities.

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We are proud to say that our blocks have been endorsed by Hadi Partovi of Code.Org.  Alongside a device or without one, our Coding Blocks help children develop the ability and confidence to fundamentally learning computer programming at any age and skill level.  

From doctor's offices to classrooms, playing with blocks remains one of the most valuable learning experiences for children.  Our Coding Blocks have been designed with that in mind.  The hands-on experiences our blocks offer, will ensure that children everywhere will gain the critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills associated with Computer Science, but also have the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity.  We have created a tool for children to transfer digital ideas to the physical world through the manipulation of blocks, combined with movement and play.  These blocks are perfect for home, school, children's museums, even in the car and beyond!

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Please support our campaign and help make Computer Science available and accessible to all children.  Be the first to get our Hands-On Coding Block Manipulatives!  We offer single sets, class sets and even whole school sets!  The sets come with Hands-On Coding Blocks packaged inside a Storage Tray, a Coding Play Mat, and a Quick Start Guide to help you get started with your Hands-On Coding Adventures!   All of the products will be discounted at 20-50% off. As a Super Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to have yourself as a character in one of our Cody Blox books!  

Our Coding Block Manipulatives create a low barrier of entry for children to enter Computer Science, but they do not create a ceiling. 

The possibilities through open-ended exploration with the blocks are limitless!