What Does Making Mean to You?

June 7, 2016 marked the first annual MakerJam event. This event was created by students at our school, for students not only at our school, but for children across the country and world as well.  Footage of the day, along with student creations, can be seen at #MakerJam2016.  During the event, I touched base with several of our students to ask them:

What does making mean to you?

Their responses serve as an important reminder that making is a deeply personal thing to those who experience it.  Most students view it as an opportunity for the individualism to shine. We as educators cannot possibly try to define making as one thing, nor try to define what it means for our students.  The educational makerspace is based on student ownership of what making and learning means to them. Some of the student responses can be viewed below.

Making is the reason for being alive. Making means to make things that make the world a better place. As a girl, making means that you can show that you can do stuff too. Making means that you have a mind of your own. Making is making change, making a difference, making art. Making is something you are proud of. Making is doing something that you haven't done before. Making is putting your own story into what you make. Making means that I can show my ideas and do whatever I want with them. Making is a way to be creative and have fun at the same time. Making means building things that you find important. Making is creating something that shows who you are. Making lets us express ourselves and be creative.


What does making mean to you and your students?  Share your thoughts at #worldsofmaking.